Delta County Colorado Planning Commissioners Up to Shenanigans Again!

Delta County Colorado Planning Commissioners Up to Shenanigans Again!

Alliance for Land Liberty Delta Colorado

When I moved from Texas in order to be able to have medical freedom on how I treat my Service Connected Symptoms, I toured around Colorado in a Toyota 4 Runner with 3 dogs, pulling an RV. We found Delta County Colorado to be a great location for agriculture, and freedom. Paonia was our first landing Spot. Then Lazaer, then above Cedaredge, Somerset, then Crawford, with two of the properties being rental opportunities moving into an ownership situation, using my Veterans Administration Guaranteed Loan.

From 2017 to current date, I have been renting a home at the cost of at least a Mortgage Payment, but none of these homes qualified for VA Loan criteria, protecting me, a first time home buyer, from purchasing a home that does not meet strict lending criteria, because if I defaulted on my home loan the VA assets group, who guaranteed the loan, would reposes the property. A blessing and a hindrance both.

There are several homes in this area that meet, and exceed these high quality VA standards, but their price point is way out of my price range which is over $300,000, and I could only find a Single Room home on 20 acres that I got approved for, and the owners accepted my offer. Went through the process to get the title work done and insurance switched to the new location and the day before closing, the mortgage lender from Delta, pulled my application, because the rental company I was using, contacted him about “not paying my rent” recently on their property that was NOT FIT FOR HABITATION and did not qualify for the VA loan. Despite being current for 2.5 years and at one point I was current and on time for 2 properties at the same time for 4 months. 

Alliance for Land Liberty Delta Colorado
Alliance for Land Liberty Delta Colorado

Then came the disaster that was trying to rent yet another residence in Somerset, in Gunnison County, which I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the North Fork River Valley area, steer clear of that area for residential rights. All of these incidents lead to me wanting to learn more about Delta County residential rights, requirements and standards for owning land and a home in Delta County Colorado. In doing due diligence for home ownership, I came across a Group called Alliance for Land Liberty based out of Delta Colorado. They are a community based group who is trying to understand what the local Planning Commission is doing behind closed doors. They have a great website for explaining what is going on. Here is a recent video where Citizens show the recent Planning Commission meeting.

Being active in local politics is costly, in time, ability to comprehend the administrative process, and risking the neighbors approval in your opinion in their affairs, which is not necessarily the case, unless the neighbor is doing something that is against the codes, statutes, or laws. Currently there is a Solar Project that is backed by the Walton Family, and it has neighbors concerned about Big Money coming into the area behind Planning Commission doors and removing our rights, and installing Commission Rights that do not have a Civil Court oversight nor appealability for grievances against code violations. That is what is at stake here, Oversight, Clarity, Accountability and Land Owner Rights. Join us in following the black rabbit down many warrens.

From the original post (Victoria Turner): PEOPLE OF DELTA COUNTY
Friends and neighbors please, please read this… I’m in desperate need of help and support from my community right now.
I’m currently a member of the Delta County Planning Commission and have only been for a few weeks.
If you’re unsure what the PC is- it’s a body of public volunteers that draft and vote on laws that restrict or allow development in the unincorporated areas of Delta county.
Upon joining I quickly realized that no member of the Commission seemed to be following the same set of laws- so I took the initiative of reading our bylaws as well as, all of the state statutes regarding the planning commissions. I realized we were in violation of a number of them and that I had been lied to by my fellow commissioners.
So on March 8th I asked the question “what laws govern us as a local government body?” Not only could no one in the room answer my question but I was quickly shut down, insulted, and ridiculed for pursuing an answer to this question.
Now, I was just informed today, that the Board of County Commissioners will be taking a vote this Tuesday the 21st at 8:30 am at 560 Dodge Street to remove me from the planning commission and press charges of Misconduct on me ,which will permanently be a part of my record.
Is it really misconduct to ask what laws the commissioners follow and that we abide by them?
This is not the first time they have removed members for questioning legalities within the commission (interestingly all of which have been women), but it will be the first time they are trying to press charges.
I understand not all of you will be able to help but please consider just showing up. If nothing else you’ll leave with a greater idea of what is going on in our local government. And I can promise you it is astounding.
The people making laws for us to follow think that they are above the laws themselves. They repeatedly say that though I may be correct in the accusation of them breaking the laws- they are going to do it anyways and if someone wants to hold them accountable they can do so in court at a later date.
Just see for yourself- starting at 12 minutes.
It’s also worth mentioning that this portion of the meeting was edited out and withheld from the public for 5 days. It was only released after they experienced public outrage and scrutiny for the editing of a public meeting. Also they have entitled it “before the power outage” but there were only 2 that night , occurring at 75 minutes and 155 minutes, and both can be seen in the first video that the County published- which heavily implies that the first 40 minutes of the video was withheld as an attempt to keep the public from viewing this interaction.
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