“Come Rob Me” Signage Lands 165 Oklahoma License Holders with a License Revocation Petition

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“Come Rob Me” Signage Lands 165 Oklahoma License Holders with a License Revocation Petition

Raise your hand if you are a small Mom & Pop shop in Oklahoma.
Do you feel like you are able to keep up with the regulations that are in place that were not there when you signed up for licensing in Oklahoma?
Well, good news is OMMA is doing their best to protect patients from high prices, poorly grown flower and tainted water supplies, oh, wait, sorry that was some other state.
Over regulation of a market leads to only those companies with disposable income surviving the gobble.
Where did that disposable income come from? Patients.
Medical only market, so only the patients are paying these bills. It is too bad that there are not more productive ways for OMMA to show that they care about the patients, other than adding more danger to the Growers of Oklahoma by requiring them to label their Greenhouses or Grow Operation with a big ole sign for passers by to say, “hey, we have thousands of dollars of product in here, please, come rob us…”
Who else needs to know about what businesses have going on inside? HazMat businesses have to show they have tanks, Welding companies, Medical supplies, who else?
Since we are discussing HazMat can we get signage up for moldy grows?
Put a big red flag on the signage when mold is found?
More red flags need to be going up rather than closing down businesses. Perhaps that has been the goal all along?
The United States is sending Billions of our dollars overseas while our groceries are going up, gas was at an all time high, and counties are earning 3.9 Million dollars a year in court costs, fees, and (some) unlawful searches and seizures, in ONE county in Oklahoma. And the poor keep paying out the costs for large businesses to hoard profits for themselves, with us not seeing the benefits, as the roads are crap, cops are Savages, government is lawless with no accountability and yet here we are struggling to “stay eating” because of signs.

During World War II, when imports of abaca and jute were unavailable, the Government instituted an emergency program to produce hemp as a domestic substitute. USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation contracted with War Hemp Industries, Inc., a quasi-official organization, to produce planting seed and fiber.

Production peaked in 1943 and 1944. After the war, production rapidly declined as imports resumed and
legal restrictions were reimposed. A small hemp fiber industry continued in Wisconsin until 1958 (Dempsey,
Ehrensing). – USDA

We should all grow as much hemp as possible, and caution any agency attempting to test the fruit of our seed, that they would be committing Treason, as we are at WAR, and y’all are trying to make signs a crime, We will just keep on growing our Freedom, and you can keep growing your Tyranny!
Grow food folks, take all of that empty space and grow equipment and grow a crop that you would want your kids to eat. Sell the rest to a local gas station, or delivery service that delivers fresh food, or restaurant. America needs clean food, and cannabis qualifies as a produce, non-taxable produce. We should be growing our own food, our own hemp, our own everything. Don’t abandon a field because you did not understand the seed. Please.
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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority takes legal action against 165 grow facilities over new law

1 hour ago

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is flexing its expanded authority, announcing in a press release that it’s taking legal action against 165 grow facilities.

OMMA filed 165 petitions for revocation over failure to follow a new signage regulation. The new rules are part of a series of regulations on the medical marijuana industry, part of the new laws taking effect this month .

Senate Bill 1737 requires all commercial growers to post signage outside their property. The sign is required to be at least 18 inches by 24 inches, have standardized black font at least two inches tall on a white background and include the business name, physical address, phone number and OMMA license number.

The OMMA said in the press release that legal action was necessary after many facilities failed to follow the rules.

“When the legislature sent this mandate to the OMMA to implement, our inspectors out in the field immediately began noting which facilities were in compliance and which ones were not,” said Executive Director Adria Berry. “As a regulatory body, it’s our job to ensure the licensed medical marijuana industry is in compliance with state laws and regulations. Consistent regulation is essential for shaping a balanced and well-regulated cannabis market in our state. Kudos to the thousands of businesses out there that took the time to put up proper signage.”

According to the press release, this is all part of the OMMA’s expanded compliance and enforcement efforts.

Over the last year, OMMA has completed almost 7,000 inspections and 4,600 operational status visits, seized nearly five tons of illicit cannabis and an entire dispensary and embargoed around 3,000 pounds of cannabis and nearly 71,200 plants. OMMA has also assisted law enforcement efforts.