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This Cannabis Website is for Sale | Global Biome

With news of Uber Eats entering the cannabis delivery market, we want to test the waters of selling this website with 20,461 pages dedicated to listing active cannabis businesses in the United States, and another 50,000 Smoke Shops in Texas alone.

Global Biome web analytics
Global Biome web analytics
Organic Reach of Global Biome
Organic Reach of Global Biome
Global Biome Site Overview Analytics
Global Biome Site Overview Analytics

For Sale for $250,000. Includes active list of over 20,000 licensed cannabis businesses, inactive entities or former license holders, as well as over 3,000 cannabis images of both indoor and outdoor grow methodologies. This website includes a Glossary containing several undefined terms that would be perfect for a FAQ portion of a Licensed Grow Operation Manual.

Global Cannabis Businesses
Global Cannabis Businesses

Expand your contact list as well as your companies reach by thousands of times with valid contact information for over 20,000 cannabis businesses in the U.S.

Perfect for all natural, cannabis related products, that would include:

  • soil companies,
  • Cannabis consulting firms,
  • Cannabis breeders who sell seeds, and
  • many more cannabis related product possibilities.

Please contact us for more details on how to purchase this cannabis web site.

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