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High Times Leases IP to Lucy

High Times Brand Licenses their Intellectual Property to Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc.

Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. (“Lucy” or “the Company”) announces the acquisition of the intellectual property (IP) of High Times in a press release announced yesterday September 7, 2023. What this means for High Times readers is that things will get a bit more trippy, if that is even possible. “This acquisition provides a stream of […]

Adria G. Berry is vice president of governmental affairs and public policy for The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma.

New Lawsuit Against Adria Berry Head of OMMA Claims She Lacks Law Enforcement Qualifications

The owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Moore has filed a lawsuit claiming hundreds of enforcement actions taken by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority should be invalidated because the executive director doesn’t have the qualifications legally required to run the agency. Darrell Carnes, owner of the Mary Jane Dispensary, says Adria Berry does not have the […]

Globabl response to OMMA email 8/9/23

Part II of Oklahoma Regulatory Agencies Using Local News to Spread Misinformation

This post is to show the timeline and chain of events in our response to Porsha Riley’s email to the author of the content on this website concerning the original article. Let’s start with her email to Global Subject: Your recent article Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2023 18:13:23 +0000 I then went on to […]

OMMA - ICE and OBN Raid June 14-2021

Has OMMA Made False Claims Against License Holders Using Local News and District Attorneys to Retaliate?

Would you believe that OMMA wanted to participate in federal funding from the Department of Justice using the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program, and needed to find a grow operation in Oklahoma using “Human Trafficking” or “exporting across state lines” terminology to get it? Why would Immigration and Customs Enforcement be involved […]

Dr. Kaveh explains interactions between cannabis and anesthesia

Anesthesiologist Recommends 30 Day Tolerance Break to Avoid Potential Side Effects from Anesthesia

4 weeks abstinence of cannabinoids prior to surgery, is what Dr. Kaveh, anesthesiologist, recommends so that a drawer full of medications will not have potential negative side effects from the interaction of cannabinoids and anesthesia. Cannabis can lead to serious dependency and even addiction, and it reveals after surgery. What happens to your body with […]

Energy Consumption Model for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Cannabis Grow Operation Electricity Consumption Estimates

When trying to find out how much your cannabis grow operation is going to cost in electricity, it would be nice to find a formula. Look no further. 3 very intelligent students wrote an abstract to quantify the actual wattage used for a typical grow operation in both California, Colorado and Canada. Energy Consumption Model […]

Luis Miguel Salinas Instagram

Wrongful Conviction of Luis Miguel Salinas in Los Angeles County California

How does Racism Ruin Lives? From Planting Evidence to Ignoring the Law, Officers of the Court Can Issue Racist Judgements that can ruin lives and families for decades. In the strange case of Luis Miguel Salinas there are so many errors in judgement the only conclusion is that a racist Criminal Docket was targeting Latino […]

Luke Scarmazzo's Message to Cannabis Prisoners

Luke Scarmazzo out of Federal Prison after 14 years has a message for current cannabis prisoners

Luke Scarmazzo’s message to cannabis prisoners in the US from facebook Help Luke Financially “Both Scarmazzo and Montes were prosecuted in federal court on identical charges and sentenced in 2008. Along with the manufacture of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute, they were charged with operating a continuing criminal enterprise, which is colloquially known […]

Mike Tyson's Holy Ears Edibles

Heavy Hitters Team Up in Cannabis | Tyson w/ Holyfield Outside the Ring

It is great to see folks who were once rivals, whom also have a history of strong dislike for one another, unite around a common good, which is cannabis. News is that Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have their own companies with Tyson delivering a few edibles named after Holyfields ears currently, and Holyfield delivering […]