High Times Brand Licenses their Intellectual Property to Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc.

High Times Leases IP to Lucy

High Times Brand Licenses their Intellectual Property to Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc.

Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. (“Lucy” or “the Company”) announces the acquisition of the intellectual property (IP) of High Times in a press release announced yesterday September 7, 2023.

What this means for High Times readers is that things will get a bit more trippy, if that is even possible.

“This acquisition provides a stream of high-margin licensing and royalty income from the well-regarded High Times, Cannabis Cup, and 420.com brands, including their respective domain names.” – Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc.

High Times Leases IP to Lucy
High Times Leases IP to Lucy

The cultural shift to graduate from Cannabis to Hallucinogenic substances is exactly how the squares told us it would go, “Weed is a gateway drug to other harder drugs.”

What they just don’t get is, that the attempts to sooth the soul and heal from the trauma of War and Poverty are turned into Capital Monopolies on Healing and the agenda to separate man from nature with synthetics, and plastic packaging as a means to use their oil field waste bi-products.

Much like religion, men and women believe they are more important to the world than they really are and want to key hole God and His natural remedies to stress, and place these sacraments behind Rules and Regulations for you and your kids “safety.”

The very same system that creates the war, and the poverty, also wants to keep us from healing from it, and we seem to be asleep to that fact, and to the fact that, these people who own the courts, and the system,


My fear is that these plants and fungus’ that produce sacred sacraments in their life’s purpose as an offering to us humans who are here to toil in the soil, do not have a right to reap the benefits of that effort, in plant and fungal type.

How can any single person’s efforts to encourage nature to be nature, where the fruits of that labor somehow can be considered illegal by a non-human entity otherwise known as a “person” by definition only in code?

The word “person”, or “persons”, wherever used in sections 1 to 7 of this title shall be deemed to include corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of either the United States, the laws of any of the Territories, the laws of any State, or the laws of any foreign country.

Definition of Person US Code 7
Definition of Person US Code 7

High Times has been a large supporter of NORML and NORML is heavily aligned in funding and principals with MPP, with both of these “cannabis rights” groups having a majority of funding from the Soros Open Society Foundation.

NORML is funded by individual donations, membership dues, and grants from foundations. They do not accept donations from corporations or government entities.

In their 2021 annual report, NORML reported that their top 5 sources of funding were:

  • Individual donations: 62%
  • Membership dues: 19%
  • Grants from foundations: 14%
  • Sales of merchandise: 3%
  • Other: 2%

The largest foundation grant that NORML received in 2021 was from the Sandler Foundation, which donated $100,000. Other major donors included the Open Society Foundations, the Arcview Group, and the Oaksterdam University Foundation.

NORML is a 501(c)(4) organization, which means that donations to them are not tax-deductible. However, they do have a sister organization, the NORML Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization and does allow tax-deductible donations.

NORML is committed to maintaining their independence and credibility, so they do not accept donations from corporations or government entities. This allows them to speak out freely on issues related to marijuana law reform without fear of compromising their funding. –  According to Bard


ChatGPT has another version of 2021 NORML content:

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the reform of marijuana laws in the United States. NORML relies on a variety of sources for funding, including donations from individuals, membership dues, and grants from foundations and organizations that support drug policy reform. Some of the larger funders or supporters of NORML in the past have included:

1. **Individual Donors**: NORML receives contributions from individual supporters who believe in their mission and want to see marijuana laws reformed.

2. **Foundations**: Various foundations that support drug policy reform and civil liberties have provided grants and funding to NORML. These foundations may include the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) Foundation and the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA).

3. **Businesses in the Cannabis Industry**: Some companies in the cannabis industry have supported NORML through donations and sponsorships. This support is often driven by a shared interest in advocating for more favorable marijuana regulations.

4. **Membership Dues**: NORML has a membership program where individuals can become paying members, providing ongoing financial support to the organization.

5. **Events and Fundraisers**: NORML hosts events and fundraisers to generate revenue and raise awareness. These events often attract sponsors and donors.

Please note that funding sources for nonprofit organizations like NORML can change over time, and the organization may have received support from new sources or experienced shifts in its funding landscape since my last update in September 2021. To find the most up-to-date information on NORML’s funding sources, you may want to visit their official website or refer to their financial reports and disclosures.

However MPP had to register as Lobbyists in Texas because they hired the same Department of Public Safety officer in 2016 as did Compassionate Cultivation, which is illegal under Texas Ethics Law. Both MPP and Compassionate Cultivation have had to rebrand since then, and go by different names in order to shake the dander of their misappropriations and illegal activities.

Open Society Grant Goals
Open Society Grant Goals

The point of the concern is that Home Growers and small brands in the cannabis space, have very little representation in regulatory framework as “Conservative Forces” because we are not allowed in the same field, or building or bank, or closed room meeting, with these multinational organizations in Oil and Gas, and Pharmaceutical Companies like Bayer who create disease and are also in the market of monopolizing the “treatment” of their lack of corporate ethics.

We the People are up against “Major Companies” in our right to enjoy nature and the fruits of our industries when the competition are writing the laws using our tax dollars to occupy positions of importance in State Agencies, and the attorneys that we would hire in our efforts to show our rights to participate in business like the Major Companies will not properly represent us, as they are already working with these large corporate interests, with their names on some of the partnership agreements in licensing with OMMA for “Undisclosed Parties.”

When these companies come up against litigation like having their chosen spokesperson to run the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Program under suit for lack of Law Enforcement Credentials, they just raise the rates on their properties as they own real estate, and land, as well as raise prices in their businesses services or products to punish the peasants for revolting. Oklahoma is raising the prices of gas up to $1.00 this coming weekend and week after.

Oklahoma to Raise Gas Prices up to $1.00
Oklahoma to Raise Gas Prices up to $1.00

What kind of Monopoly exists in order to raise prices for one region of the country, on a commodity that most people depend on to get to work, or to work period?

A very powerful Monopoly that can use your tax dollars, or regulatory fees, or fines, or licensing, or even their products income to fight our grievances in courts of law.

Soros Fund Investments in Oil & Gas
Soros Fund Investments in Oil & Gas

Who is PDC(E)?
PDC Energy Incorporation started its earliest exploration and production activities in 1969. Now is headquarter is in Denver, Colorado. PDC Energy was previously named Petroleum Development Corporation and changed it into PDC Energy Inc. in June 2012. Until its acquisition by Chevron Corporation in 2023, the company was publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol “PDCE”.

Who owns stock in PDC?

PDCE Stock Holders
PDCE Stock Holders

Some of the Globes largest investment hedge funds have investment in this Energy Stock.

Other PDC Stockholders
Other PDC Stockholders

Oil and Gas share holders make up some of the largest companies in the world, and own millions of shares of companies who provide Natural Gas to homes, Refined Gasoline to Vehicles, which we use to get from one place to the other and these refinement processes create bi-products that are responsible for Millions of diseases worldwide.

Some of these bi-products are plastics and packaging, hydroponic fertilizers and “nutrients” as well as Energy to light the indoor Lights (Gavita) that Bayer owns.

Would it be a surprise to learn that LSDI, L.P. is a Pharmaceutical company who is owned by an Oil and Gas company?

Stock price: LSDI (NASDAQ) $0.60 +0.01 (+2.12%)
Sep 8, 11:05 AM EDT – Disclaimer

Headquarters: Victoria, Canada

Parent organization: W-H Energy services, Inc.

Subsidiaries: LSDI Manufacturing Inc, TerraCube International Inc.

Who is W-H Energy Services Inc.?

W-H Energy Services
W-H Energy Services

Just another Texas Oil and Gas Company with a CEO from Spring Texas named Kevin Fox.

So what the reality of the situation is, that Oil and Gas will be leasing the IP and branding of High Times, to continue to shape the minds of cannabis partakers, this time using psychedelic substances, and Research and Development to help make it seem reasonable. 

High Times Nomenclature of an Octopus Cabal by Steven Hagar
High Times Nomenclature of an Octopus Cabal by Steven Hagar

This article is in the style of High Times and a tribute to the author of The Nomenclature of an Octopus Cabal

In the November, 2003 issue of High Times, then-editor-in-chief Steven Hager admitted we may never know who ultimately pulls the strings on world events, but that the existence of a powerful multi-generational cabal is obvious to those who study the machinations of secret societies.