Invest in Cannabis without touching a plant?!

Invest in Cannabis without touching a plant?!

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The largest road block in the Cannabis industry is getting resources to line up to benefit the patients and not just the bottom line for a business model. Banks have struggled to get lines of credit and loans in place to farms and families in the Cannabis game due to Federal regulations that are in place to patent nature. Hemp is the new jargon word for investors looking to get into the Cannabis, however there are very few success stories in that sector. The wise investor would look at insular sectors around Agriculture and invest in the infrastructure of a farm which includes, but is not limited to:

  • propagation,
  • transplanting,
  • irrigation,
  • pruning,
  • harvesting,
  • drying,
  • curing and
  • safe food handling practices of all, through out the process.

Easy peasy right?

2017 Fiber hemp variety trial

The other service sectors of the Cannabis Industry can include marketing, advertising, and presentation or packaging of Cannabis. There are regulations surrounding many of these sectors, and this brings one of the most vital parts of the services sector, the attorneys and regulatory consultants. Due Diligence is necessary in all investments, but Cannabis Investments are an area that could earn you a jail cell if done with greed and malice as well as harmful intent to steal other people’s property or ideas.

Resources in Cannabis such as Capitol Financing are available from many sources, and these “investors” will ask for numbers, income and profit margins, as well as costs, and how many employees it takes to produce these numbers, and what it costs to produce these numbers, otherwise known as overhead. This is the worst part, for most folks, in Cannabis, who would rather pay attention to the plant and how to nurture nature. One of the most necessary aspects of business is the most difficult concerning Cannabis. Finding trusted partners to help fill in the gaps of areas of expertise is another feat of faith.

This website has been produced and published by a single person, who also runs a farm, builds greenhouses, grows food crops, tends to goats, chickens, cats and dogs, as well as writes books on a myriad of topics from Militarized Police Forces attacking Motorcycle Clubs to “How to Grow Weed in Outer Space.” Being the single source of content creation, analyzer of academic articles, validation of said material as well as the publisher and web administrator, it has all been a labor of love thus far, but the reach of these pages is going further than one person can manage, and the phone calls alone from businesses trying to get in touch with other businesses is worth hiring employees.

Global Cannabis Businesses
Global Cannabis Businesses

Currently there are over 75,000 Cannabis related pages (takes several minutes to populate) at the moment, and updates around 20,000 pages and 7 states for Cannabis Specific businesses alone.

If you would like to invest in this effort to list all of the Cannabis related businesses in the United States and Canada, as well as help patients locate clean green cannabis, or “organic” produce, or their closest farm that offers CSA offerings as well as the nearest farmers markets around North America, then please contact Lee West, the owner of this website, for more information on what the costs of investment are, as well as the rate of return and benefits of becoming a partner. Benefits such as access to the complete list of data collected that is not published like business owner email addresses, contact emails, phone numbers and B2B emails that come in daily looking for material or looking to move material, employment verification, and brand endorsements.

    cold call emails daily Quality Products Global Biome
    cold call emails daily Quality Products Global Biome

    The current value of the website is over $3,500,000 with each page worth a minimum of $50 if no products are listed. There is no revenue currently, however that does not mean that there is not value. I have a list of quality insular products chosen to advertise on this site that have been tried and proven as excellent products that focus on leaving a carbon negative footprint in their businesses and products.

    I look forward to communicating with you and Thank You for Your Time!