HEAVY HEADZ LLC in Moffat Colorado

HEAVY HEADZ LLC in Moffat Colorado

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Licensed Retail Cannabis Cultivations License#:403R-00861
1107.5 East 11th Street
Moffat, Colorado


One thought on “HEAVY HEADZ LLC in Moffat Colorado

  1. Hello Mr. Nelson (?), My name is Mark Jacobi and I work at Valley View Hot Springs/ Orient Land Trust. I have noticed that the two greenhouse frames currently on your property in Moffat (just South of “Grammie’s Kitchen”), have been sitting there for (a couple of years?).
    Orient Land Trust (OLT) is interested in buying them from you if you are amenable to that.
    My phone# is 719-298-0660 and my email address is . Please contact me as soon as you can, even if you are not interested. That way, at least, I can move on.
    Many Thanks!

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