Investing in the Future of Food Production with Proprietary Produce Production SKU Generation and Aftercare

Investing in the Future of Food Production with Proprietary Produce Production SKU Generation and Aftercare

We Grow Live Investment Round

Anyone interested in investing in a plant based, public ledger that shows the location of origin for the plant as well as the adulteration in processing? Also putting that to use in an R&D license in Colorado with 42 light dep automated greenhouses?
There is an after care plan in place to record the effects of strain specific dosing models as well as genetic testing to show strain function.
Finally at a place to make this a reality after 5 years of careful planning. Return on investment can be as soon as the automated enclosed gardens are built and first harvest takes place.

Male Cannabis Flower
Male Cannabis Flower

I focus on We Grow Live in introductions as I feel it is most important, and rewarding towards humans, but I don’t mean to limit my work in scope.

Several areas of agriculture are needed to use human brain power to validate the technology to make the concept work correctly. I am not limited to only needing financial resources for automated enclosed gardens, or for land acquisition. I need help in all of the following areas.

There are other possibilities of revenue generation, that could be utilized in the process of validation that are intended to self fund the projects.

Texas Health Co-op | Cannabis Stock Market –
The Stock Market of Cannabis.

We provide an effective way to evaluate the cost to grow as well as the geological footprint of a plant, for farm to table use, by placing a value on each of the conditions needed and used to grow the plant to full maturity. With cannabis delivery being a necessary part of 2021-22 cannabis consumption in Colorado, it will be a necessary and essential service for safety of the bud tenders, as well as the patients and recreational users. Providing a cost analysis on strain type, and delivery of the products to the patients will integrate perfectly into the need for patients in the coming months of cannabis and food consumption.

This system takes the data provided by We Grow Live, as well as THC Science and and marries the data to provide the patient with a cost effective, and socially responsible, and environmentally conscience platform to choose their preferred cannabis strain that works to the maximum efficiency for their body. The delivery UX is

THC Science Wiki – This is the repository for Phenotypes and their validated medical values
There are several areas of Research going on across the planet that are focused on the molecular properties of the Cannabis plant. From root to trichome this site aims to offer as much science and discovery as we can find, focusing in on the cannabis plants. Bringing Science to the Cannabis Conversation. This platform is the basis for the cannabis dosing model for symptom specific interaction between the human and the plant. The Nexus in after care for the patient and doctor diagnosis and validation of “prescription” dosing. The goal is to use this educational platform to encourage the reporting of strain efficacy on a “per purchase basis” so that we can track genetically known phenotypes in the marketplace to ensure that they are doing their job in the symptoms category for the patient. Validated by the research and development physicians working with Universities and Hospitals nationwide.

We Grow Live –
We Grow Live has created an automated greenhouse that can be monitored and controlled in real time. Capturing the data from the grow operation and having the output(s) analyzed by a cognitive computing system will build a foundation for machine learning. This will allow for optimal nutritional value and maximum plant growth as well as peak cost effectiveness in growing. This information can also be used to create a predictive growth chart for future growing projects.
We Grow Live Offerings:
Agricultural Technology –

  • IP – 7 patents using blockchain to map out agricultural processes mostly in the SKU generation model.
  • Software, We Grow Live App for farmers to use to ensure clean production that includes the clean food contract between farmer and the land.
  • Hardware, Different Sensors and Processors designed for Automated Enclosed Gardens that monitor soil and water health in real time.
  • Strain Specific Soil Recipe – Opportunity to start a living soil company in New Brunswick Canada, with a weekly request of 4 tote bags by a local LP.
  • Lighting Schedules, Strain Specific lighting schedules that include light deprivation, and smart LED technology that mimics the natural lighting as per each specific strain’s geographical origination.
  • BierKashi Production using a local organic brewery’s spent grains from their brewing to create IMO bran
  • SKU Generation, The geographical location based Stock Keeping Unit for produce that gives a value for a hash based transaction between the land, and the farmer that is the crypto type value given to the produce.
  • Automated Enclosed Gardens
  • Distribution models,
  • Extraction SOPs,
  • Processing, and
  • Branding

Global –

One of the repositories for Cannabis Agricultural Studies since We Grow Live does not involve cannabis growth, although that was the original specimen for the Automated Enclosed Gardens. This website is dedicated to educating the average farmer on proper organic agricultural procedures for growing organic cannabis as well as educating the average customer/patient to the advantages of probiotic, organic and eco friendly sourced cannabis.

The goal with listing each dispensary with a license in the United States has several uses, the first and most practical is in reaching the patient at the point of decision when selecting a cannabis dispensary based on quality of flower thus the quality of the growing methods. Currently there are around 8,000 dispensaries listed on the site and 450 grow operations in 4 states, Colorado, Oregon, California, and Washington. 5O or so Doctors in Texas listed with TCUP before the DPS removed the listing from their public website.

Books –
How to Grow Weed In Outer Space – is the repository for We Grow Live’s data that combines both We Grow Live and in an in depth technically advanced format. Each of the 32 sectors of cannabis plant growth is outlined with scientific journals and white papers to validate the topics and help define pin point measurements for each cannabis strain. Another education attempt in exposing the average reader with highly technical data and known organic agriculture techniques.

This is the broad scope, the picture of how to educate and still grow strain specific cannabis for the patients of the world.