GREEN KIWI 5 LLC in Mancos Colorado

GREEN KIWI 5 LLC in Mancos Colorado

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Licensed Retail Cannabis Stores License#:402R-00356
449 Railroad Avenue
Mancos, Colorado


One thought on “GREEN KIWI 5 LLC in Mancos Colorado

  1. Dear Livwell, I have no problem of you having a store in Mancos, CO. I support what you provide in the way of medical marijuana and other products. However, the attempt to move into the Millwood Junction restaurant location is a travesty and a black mark on Mancos. Do not relocate to this location, as there are other options like the old Bom Diggity location. Livwell does not need a new store front especially at Mancos’ major corner and gateway to downtown. Shame on you for considering this move and proceeding causing a town hall notice. Please know you will be met with opposition from many town folks. Do not buy this location.

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