THE CLEARWATER GROUP LLC in Pueblo West Colorado

THE CLEARWATER GROUP LLC in Pueblo West Colorado

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Licensed Retail Cannabis Cultivations License#:403R-01103
77 North Laser Drive Suite H
Pueblo West, Colorado


2 thoughts on “THE CLEARWATER GROUP LLC in Pueblo West Colorado

  1. Just purchased a couple packs of the clear water creamsicle line and three out out my five packs each had 1 to 2 whitish yellow .underdeveloped seeds in the plastic vile. Rolled in between fingers and they just broke and crumbled. Not happy at all. I purchased and paid for six seeds but I did not get six good seeds. Out of 5 packs 32 seeds only 24 were good developed seeds, the other 8 seeds were underdeveloped and no good. I live in Colorado Springs and drove all the way out to PEUBLO to buy. Please make this right. I have been trying to find a number for contact but there is none. I have my receipts and seeds still.i didn’t germinate anything yet. I’m just looking to get a couple no good seeds reimbursed not fair to me as buyer.

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